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How expired domains can help your startup grow?

How expired domains can help your startup grow?

Using the expired domains for the growth of your startup.

It’s quite unusual that one goes for an expired product. Then what is an expired domain doing over here? Any domain that has been not renewed or has been abandoned because of business loss or any other reason is referred to as expired domains.  But if the domain owner is not bothered then why you and I should discuss them. Well, these expired domains can be really beneficial for small startups as well as those seeking already established domain setup. This being the reason why people rush to purchase them or for that matter sell them.

As such, there has been remarkable growth and variety in the domain market. From the usual standard extensions like .com or .org, nowadays there is a domain for almost every niche and are even country code based. Few of them being .ca, .pizza, .club, .vip, .media and we just can list down all of them.

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Benefits of an Expired Domain

Once a domain is about to expire, it must be renewed in the period of 30 days, failing to do so will land up the domain for auction. Individuals struggling for getting their ‘most liked’ domain name can explore these expired domains, which if researched thoroughly can boost your new or small startup in an effective manner. In addition, you are benefitted with the following:

  1. Driving heavy traffic

Starting afresh does consume time to attract and maintain traffic. Redirecting an old expired domain to your primary site allows transferring of all the link juice from the expired domain to your website. Since these domains have achieved sound SEO value over time. Backlinks being the major reason behind this.

  1. Authoritative Site

If your website or blog has newly stepped in, establishing its authority will be of prime concern and an arduous process since entire content needs to be build up along with the backlinks. Purchasing an expired domain have all these factors resolved since the domain is matured enough and has already gained authority.  In fact, one can straight away leverage its already prevailing SEO value for quick ranking.

  1. Sell it out

Cybersquatters were the first who practised the art of buying the domain and then selling it for a higher price to gain handsome profit. Though this practice is still continued and is referred to as domain flipping. Users buy expired domains via auction, raise its SEO value by generating backlinks or making it mature and then resell it at a really good price.

In any way, the expired domain will be fruitful to you in some of the other way provided you keep a check on the following metrics before your go ahead.

  • Domain Age – see that the expired domain is well established and has gained authority over time.
  • Weigh Backlinks – Do check the backlink quality by the means of backlink checker since this being one of the essential reason for purchasing an expired domain. Domains with low-quality backlinks must be discarded. Same goes with the website quality too.
  • Traffic value – keep a track on the monthly traffic the domain is driving. A drop in this value won’t be a wise decision to go ahead.

Besides, be vigilant enough to check if the site is not stamped as a Google banned site. Use Google ban checker.


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