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At Unicook, we provide an advanced, low-cost fire safety product called Airis. Airis is found in many sectors including extra care, student accommodation, apartments, and in the homes of elderly and vulnerable people. Airis allows a person to cook on the stove without the risk of fire, and it dramatically reduces the production of toxic smoke. For some people this can be life-changing.

When one thinks of ‘fire prevention’, it’s unlikely that the devices and systems that come to mind actually prevent a fire, instead waiting for smoke or fire to start before reacting. Airis, however, is genuine fire prevention.

600,000 EN 50615 fire safety devices are installed in the kitchens of elderly and vulnerable people across Europe and yet, despite their huge life and cost-saving potential, in the UK they remain relatively unknown even after several thousand installations within the student and sheltered accommodation sectors. In Norway, these devices are now mandatory for ALL cookers and the country has experienced a dramatic drop in fires. Consequently, other countries are now considering similar legislation.

We are committed to raising awareness of Safera Airis and EN 50615 technology, and its potential within sheltered accommodation and extra care, student accommodation, and in the homes of vulnerable and elderly people to protect individuals from harm, prevent fires, reduce smoke, reduce false alarms and other fire system activations, and save costs.



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