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SEO Consultant Manchester: Bertan Uzun SEO Services

Peter House, Oxford St

I am one of the Manchester-based taxpayer SEO consultants. If you are looking for advanced level and measurable SEO services, you are in the right place. More affordable then agencies, better than most of the SEO services. A self-confident and having fairly deep technical knowledge expert, literally looking for reputable customers.

Hello all, My name is Bertan Uzun. I am a freelance SEO Consultant based in Manchester –  Levenshulme, United Kingdom. I have been in the SEO industry since 2006. The job of an SEO specialist has become much more complex in recent years. SEO strategies need to be uniquely crafted according to customers and should be updated on an ongoing basis. All of these tasks take knowledge, time, and effort. For these reasons working with a consultant with specific expertise is now much more rewarding.

What Will I Do?
First, I will analyse your site to know what’s our roadmap. Next, I will fix the SEO issues on your site. Then, I will grow your contents and the number of backlinks to your site. Finally, we will take a better position on Google.

We are a results-driven and experienced search engine optimisation company based in Manchester. Define dominant SEO strategies for your business. We build a thoroughly valuable and affordable strategy. Custom-build projects as the website’s requirements. Diagnose and fix technical SEO issues. Grow the site with our respectable Search engine advertising campaigns. On-page and off-page SEO with our vast technical know-how.

We act as a search engine department in your business. All of our services include risk-free techniques. Contact with us to unlock your customised bespoke SEO campaigns.
Google. We know about it. You know about it, and, most importantly, potential customers know about it. If you want to reach the top of Google without resorting to Pay-Per-Click campaigns, it is crucial that your business has a valuable SEO campaign.


Though the basic principles of Search Engine Optimisation are always the same, we recognise that every site is unique. They will have unique strengths, unique weaknesses, unique goals, and unique challenges.


What we will do is consider every single aspect of the site, particularly the goals you wish to reach. Then, we will help you to figure out what steps we need to take to work towards them. There is no website that cannot be improved, certainly from the perspective of SEO. So, let us analyse, optimise, and supervise your site through its digital marketing journey. And, by doing so, let customers discover us.


How can SEO help to market my business?

Remember that, Google is always changing the algorithm. There is no set path that leads to the top of the search results. Our senior experts focus on optimisation strategies that can bring successful results.


Let us look at the architecture of your site and use the best practices maximising its full potential.


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