Health Health £25.00 - £60.00

North Essex Reiki Practice

21 Trunette Road

Reiki Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing and Sound Bath Therapy – all treatments include an initial consultation and talking therapy followed by an immersive energy channelling treatment.

Working with the biofield and energy centres of the chemical and energetic body we aim to reestablish communication and homeostatic balance with the parasympathetic nervous system. Reducing harmful stress levels and amplifying the body’s natural healing capabilities.

Opening the door to our metaphysical existence alongside the chemical allows for profound healing and self development to occur.

Appointments are flexible and include evening and weekend. Based in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex UK.




  • Reiki Energy Healing

    Energy channelling to balance the sympathetic nervous system and amplify healing capabilities.

    £ 40.00
  • Shamanic Healing

    Comprehensive shamanic extraction, alignment and cleanse for the chemical and energetic body.

    £ 60.00
  • Sound Bath Therapy

    Playing a variety of healing percussion instruments we can adjust the frequency of our energy at a cellular level; helping to aid and amplify the body's healing capabilities.

    £ 35.00
  • Tarot Card Readings

    Intuitively drawn the cards provide clarity and guidance on recent past, present and future.

    £ 25.00
  • Group Sound Bath Therapy

    Available for groups, circles, retreats, gatherings etc... price is per head. Offering an intuitively scripted sound bath to align and balance the body's energy frequencies to aid and amplify healing at a cellular level.

    £ 10.00