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MK Furnishings – Double And Single Bunk Bed

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There are various styles and types of double bunk beds available in the market today. You can choose a stylish and durable twin-over-full bunk bed with ample storage and display options for your kids. If you want more space for your kids to play and sleep, then you can consider a full-sized bunk bed with storage space underneath. These are a great option for small spaces and are perfect for children. In addition to being safe and space-saving, these are also inexpensive.

The height of the bed is a critical factor. It’s important to keep in mind the height of your ceiling before you purchase a bunk bed. This is because the top rung of a double bunk bed needs to be at least six inches taller than the top one. You must also consider the type of mattress you’d like to buy, as a double and single bunk bed should not be too heavy for your kids.


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