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Express Waste Removals – A Professional Junk Clearance Company London

Express Waste Removals – A Professional Junk Clearance Company London

Waste removal in London is an essential service that should be carried out by a professional company. It is very recommendable that each time you’re looking to hire a waste removal company, you pick one that’s professional and with a solid reputation.

While some people may prefer taking care of their waste, it gets complicated when the waste is in bulk or includes waste that needs special handling. For instance, think of old furniture, electrical waste, construction waste, or even medical waste. Only professional waste removal companies in London can remove such waste effectively.

So what are the qualities of a reliable and professional junk clearance company in London?

Below are some of the attributes of an excellent junk removal company;

  • Fast and reliable – a professional junk clearance company should clear the waste out of your premises 24-48 hours after contacting them. Few homeowners want to keep junk at their premises for long since some of the trash might attract scavengers, flies, diseases, not to mention the awful stench. Prompt response and action show that the waste removal company is reliable and can be trusted to get the job done.
  • Deals with all types of rubbish –apart from the hazardous types of waste, a professional waste removal company should deal with all kinds of waste. For instance, Express Waste Removal deals with all types of waste except, it is one of the leading waste removal companies in London.
  • Environmental friendly – a good waste removal company should provide eco-friendly services. This includes sorting the waste before disposal so that whatever can be recycled is taken to recycling plants. Whatever can be reused is taken for reuse. Some waste removal companies in London have recycling rates of up to 80%, which means that 80% of all waste collected ends up in recycling plants.
  • Experience – experience matters a lot when picking a professional junk removal company. The more experienced a company is, the more you can rest assured that they’ll get the job done nicely. Needless to say, experience and reputation go hand in hand; a company with a good reputation has probably been there for long.

Services Offered by a Professional Waste Removal Company In London

Below are some of the waste removal services that a professional junk clearance company should offer its customers;

  1. Same day waste removal
  2. Cheaper waste collection services
  3. Certified and insured rubbish removal operators
  4. Weekend services at no extra charge
  5. Flexible prices on the waste collected


Hiring a skip is another option that you can try. However, this might not be a good idea since you have to find rubbish bags, know where to take your rubbish, deal with the local municipality and other numerous obstacles. Yet, a waste removal company will get the job done without inconveniencing you whatsoever.

Feel free to call Express Waste Removal, the premier waste removal company in London. Here, you’re assured of professional and affordable junk removal services across London and beyond. Call Express Waste Removal company in London on 020 8099 9819 and save yourself the trouble of hiring an unreliable waste removal service.

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