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10 Ways How Video Marketing Can Grow your Online Business

10 Ways How Video Marketing Can Grow your Online Business

Today we see people gravitate towards video marketing.

Although other marketing strategies are essential, video marketing is preferred and shows more than desirable results.

According to research by Wyzowl in 2021, 93% of marketers who went with video marketing say that video has helped them generate leads. Furthermore, 86% reported that video marketing is responsible for increasing traffic to their website, and 78% of the marketers say video has directly helped increase sales.


These statistics have shown how vital video marketing is for any business marketing campaign, especially for online businesses, or businesses with an online presence.

Hence, business owners need to be aware of the various ways how video marketing helps businesses flourish online.

This article details how video marketing helps businesses grow exponentially online and how it can be utilized.

1.   Be Acquainted with Your Audience

Every business must be aware of its audience’s interest in its products and services. Business owners can implement analytics data from various social media platforms and grasp the characteristics of the audiences interested in their offerings.

2.   Suitable Video Format as Per the Platforms

Plan the video’s format and duration after acquainting with the audience and understanding their content type. For instance, a video maker or editor uploads different duration videos on Instagram like a shorter version on your stories, feed posts, or reels, and a more extended version on IGTV.

In contrast, as in YouTube, you generally post in-depth videos with high production value. Using a suitable video format per the target audiences will help grow the video ads and help your online business succeed.

3.   Video Marketing Helps in Creating Brand Awareness

There is no better way to enhance a brand’s awareness than to get an explainer video of the product and services offered by the business. Whether you are new to business or have been in your industry for quite a while, most of the people do watch an explainer video to understand a business’s offerings clearly. In addition, existing and potential clients always find explainer videos useful as they offer insight into the business, thereby creating brand awareness.

4.   Videos help in Greater Customer Engagement

Video marketing is a visual medium that makes it easier for the customers to comprehend. It also captures their attention more than static imagery, text or only audio. When done correctly, a video maker can help foster a sense of genuine authenticity that makes viewers respond and communicate actively. Through video marketing, online businesses help increase their brand engagement and draw more genuine customers towards their website.

5.   Videos Improve the Website Retention Rate

Videos are helpful in driving website traffic, but it is also an efficient and effective way to retain visitors. Uploading impactful videos on your website helps grasp customer interest and thereby improves the customer retention rate of your business website. One can show the videos on the home page, landing page, the About us page, or the products page. It can be in the form of an explainer or testimonial, or user experience. Incorporating different business aspects helps visitors stay longer.

6.   Videos Help in Generating Greater ROI

Videos help generate more significant ROI for online businesses. As long as you have good content in your videos, you can improve them. Many people don’t like to watch videos that don’t explain the product or service well.

Those things didn’t matter as much. Uploading quality content increases the chances of extending your reach on various other platforms and enables audience engagement across social media, emails, and websites. Furthermore, determining the right channel to share the video content helps generate a better video content ROI for your online business.

7.   Video Marketing helps in Driving Website Traffic

Video marketing is one of the excellent and effective ways to drive traffic towards your website for all business fronts. Video marketing is a medium through which a video maker develops a personal connection with the target audience, motivating them to explore your website further. By improving the website’s SEO value, sharing video content across platforms, and implementing ads, one can drive website traffic.

8.   Higher Conversion Rate

Research indicates that uploading a video on your business website landing page will increase the customer conversion rate by 80%. Creating and uploading various videos like tutorials, testimonials, insights about the business, and promotional videos will increase the conversion rate and positively impact sales numbers.

9.   Videos Help Build Trust

Trust is an essential component that influences the purchasing decisions of every customer, and videos are an excellent means to build trust amongst existing and potential customers. Videos that answer all the questions about the products and services, promotional videos, brand story videos, customer reviews, or influencers videos are how online business builds trust.

Authentic content helps establish a great rapport with customers, and over time, it builds trust; thereby, they continue to be associated with the business. As a result, consumers are more likely to trust you and shop from your business. Using a competent online video editor can assist you in creating incredible marketing videos that will ultimately attract more clients.

10. Google Highly Approves Videos

Last but not least, Google actively promotes websites that have videos by including them in the video results in the search queries. Therefore, a website with engaging video content has higher chances to be on the first results page of the search, increasing the website’s visibility. The video marketer needs to develop interesting names and descriptions for the videos. They should also link back to your website, products, and services.

Video Marketing is here to stay

With the intelligent use of videos, business owners can positively influence customers and encourage them to buy products and services they offer. The idea has gained popularity since people enjoy watching videos. Video marketing can combine features such as voice, graphics, and text for a successful content marketing campaign.

Videos are a great way to get people to buy your products or services and help people learn more about a brand. Even small businesses use video marketing to make their businesses stand out from the rest of the pack as you can see in some business listings here at the UK Business List. Videos are a great approach to persuade people to buy your products or services and assist them in understanding a brand. Even start-ups are using video marketing to differentiate themselves from the competition.


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