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PlayBox Technology UK – TV Channel in a Box

PlayBox Technology UK – TV Channel in a Box


Product Description

PlayBox designs and delivers highly reliable computer software tools for mission-critical on-air broadcast systems, with its great strength in air channel play space and therefore network asset management. We’re well known for the industry-leading Channel in a Box, providing both small and large broadcasters across the world with superior playout software.

The products meets the needs of numerous channel operators and broadcasters. Our automation platform enables broadcasters to benefit from enterprise-level channel management, expanding the reach of air automation systems and sequence management, and providing tools to manage internal control, assets and archive management, trailer production, content copying in various delivery formats, multi-channel play-to-air, and multi-platform delivery.

PlayBox Technology has evolved its Cloud IP-enabled software system Cosmos which provides a price effective, however infinitely ascendable playout answer good for popup and experimental channels, and disaster recovery. It’s a channel-in-a-box, while not in the box.