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Buy Genuine Celebrity Autographs

Buy Genuine Celebrity Autographs


Product Description

In Recent Years, the autograph industry and people looking for genuine autographs has increased. However, as the popularity of autographs has taken a new level an influx of fake autographs has hit the market. That is why it is important only to purchase from people who are part of the “Autograph Fair Trade Association” ( AFTAL ).

AFTAL was set up to stamp out fake autographs and make sure that people wanting to purchase genuine autographs do so with professional and trustworthy autograph sellers. The Autograph Fair Trade Association advise autograph buyers only to purchase from their members to guarantee they are buying real autographs and not fake ones.

Not everyone is accepted as an AFTAL member. There is a strict policy in place where checks are made. We are pleased to let our customers know that we are a member of AFTAL and as such we only sell genuine autographs.

If you are looking for genuine autographs at a realistic price, then please have a look at all the autographs we have available.