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Types Of Car Detailing Packages

Types Of Car Detailing Packages

Car detailing packages vary depending on different car wash companies. Each package focuses on a specific feature which will enhance the overall maintenance and value of the car. Here are the most common car detailing packages you will find in many car wash companies.

Interior Detailing                                                                                                  

Most people are keen on their car interior because they spend a lot of time there. Perfect interior detail includes cleaning of carpets that is floor mats and the car seats. All vinyl and plastic should be cleaned and dressed. Cleaning of the carpeting and seating surfaces can be done either by shampooing or using a steam cleaner. Vacuuming and steam cleaning are the most common standard measures of interior cleaning. Leather car seats should be conditioned, and the car should also have a mold removal. Interior detailing goes beyond the passenger area. The car trunk is also given a thorough cleaning. The nonporous surfaces of the car are usually polished. A good interior cleaning will make your car feel fresh and feel as if it were new.

Exterior Detailing

This is a total cleaning of the external body of your car. It can be done in two ways one is the use of soap and pressure washer, and the other is a waterless car wash. Exterior detailing involves washing the car by hand with the car- safe chemicals and cleaning utilities. When using waterless products, you don’t have to dry the bodywork to continue detailing. Some of the products used are detergents and acid -free degreasers, a variety of applicators, brushes and drying towels. The car is usually dried with a chamois cloth to ensure no water spots are left. There is a clay bar that removes contaminants and prevents oxidation. Liquid wax is applied to remove light swirl marks, and this can protect the car for up to three months. Waxing also ensures that your car’s exterior to shine. In an exterior detailing, tires, wheels and all exterior glass is cleaned.

Total Detailing package

This is a combination of the exterior and interior detailing. The carpeting and seating are cleaned as well as the external parts of the car. It involves removal of bugs and road tar, clean door jambs steaming and cleaning of all carpets air freshening among other details. Other additional elements in total detailing package include headlight restoration, Tree Sap Removal, and pet hair cleaning. This package is appropriate if you require a total makeover of your car. When a car goes through a total detailing package it receives a full cleaning service.

Engine Bay

The engine is usually misted with litter water and then cleaned with the specified engine degreaser. It is then rinsed clean and dried correctly. After the cleaning, all silicone, plastic, and rubber are adequately dressed to avoid cracking. Most companies do not offer this service. Nevertheless, it is crucial, and every car should have its engine serviced once in a while.

Paint Care

Paint care is a very delicate thing and should be done with utmost care to ensure that the car’s paint is not damaged. The paint surface is carefully washed and then dried. It is later sealed by waxing to protect the paint and keep the vehicle shinning.

  • The cost of car detailing varies depending on the service provider and the products to be used; others factors to consider include aspects such as the car brand, size, your location and even the company providing the detailing service. Detailing your car is vital to the durability of your car and also saves you money. It is essential that you choose the right package to detail your car and the right company to provide the service.

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