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Our community is made up of business owners, advisors, government departments and individuals who want to use our service platform to fill a gap in their own services or their knowledge base, so they can get on with delivering their core business.

The service gap could be a specialised service such as enforcement or a more general service such as cash collection, or security services. Time is often the roadblock to getting the service in place along with not having a dedicated point person to go to with any requests or insight.

Finding a reputable and accountable provider for these gaps in business services is often at the bottom of the pile for business owners and their advisors.

Inertia in changing the ways things or done, or finding another supplier means that it is just too much effort to make the move over to a new way of doing things.

But the business environment is changing and will continue to change as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Everyone in business needs to be able to work smarter, access remote services, and get tasks done efficiently by measuring not only the cost but the results. Business owners now more than ever need to be able to scale up and/or diversify their businesses and be more agile when they meet a business challenge which engulfs them

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