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Peter Ivins Eye Care – Award winning opticians


Peter Ivins Eye Care is an award winning optometry practice in Bearsden, near Glasgow. The practice was opened in 2010 with the simple aim of providing world-class eye care locally. To achieve this we have combined three things:

(1) continual investment in industry leading technology, diagnostic equipment and software

(2) the knowledge of our clinical directors Peter and Craig, the pair are considered leaders in the optometric industry by their peers and travel the world lecturing on a variety of topics

(3) good old fashioned customers service from our expert team.


We are singularly focussed on looking after the vision and eye health of you and your family, putting you at the centre of everything we do. As a small independently owed practice you will never be just a number to us. Our entire philosophy is seeing fewer patients in a day to ensure you have ample time to discuss your concerns with our team. This means longer appointments times, no sales pressure and hopefully a more enjoyable experience for you and your family. We want to get to know you and your family over the years and look after your visual needs for decades. No gimmicks, no bogus sales promotions, no quick buck selling you something you don’t need.


We offer a variety of specialists clinic should you need them including:

·         A dry eye and blepharitis clinic

·         A visual stress clinic for children and adults that find reading and learning difficult

·         A myopia management clinic to slow the progression of myopia in short sighted children

·         Scleral lens clinic for complex corneas e.g. keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration

·         Hybrid contact lens clinic for complex corneas

·         A multifocal contact lens fitting for those over 40 starting to struggle to read

·         Custom-made contact lens clinic for those who struggle to get contact lens working well

·         Macular degeneration screening for those deemed at risk due to family history

·         Glaucoma screening and monitoring for those deemed at risk of developing glaucoma


If you require spectacles we curate a collection of over 1500 spectacle frames. You will be guided through the handpicked collection by one of our many expert qualified dispensing opticians to ensure you achieve the look and feel you desire within your budget.  We work predominantly with independent boutique spectacle frame designers from across the globe, some designer brands you will recognise, many you will not. Each frame is researched with regards to its craftsmanship, material, place of manufacturer etc to ensure the price you pay is justified. Frankly many frames are not worth the money as they are mass produced using low quality materials and you are simply paying for a logo. This is at odds with our belief that a frame should last for years and straddles function and fashion.



  • Dry Eye Clinic

    A specialist clinic for sufferers of dry eye. This 60-90 minute appointment allows us to delve into the reason for your dry eye symptoms using industry leading technology. We will then produce a customised treatment plan specific to your symptoms, type of dry eye severity.

  • Blepharitis Clinic

    A specialists clinic for sufferers of blepharitis. Many individuals suffer from blepharitis for many years with no improvement in their symptoms. This detailed examination aims to understand why you have such symptoms, which type of blepharitis from which you are suffering and will provide a customised treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms.

  • Visual Stress Clinic

    If you or your child find reading difficult and learning a challenge then our visual stress clinic will of benefit. The aim of this clinic is tofirst establish whetehr your child requires spectacles to see clearly and comfrtasbly via a cycloplegic refraction. A detailed assessment of your childs binocular vision, ability to aim and focus on text using an idustry leading eye tracking system and many tests not part of a routine eye examination allows us to rectify and improv issues with binocular vision. In a smaller percentage of patients a reading rate assessment and overlay assessment will establigh whether the introdcution of colour will help. If colour is deemed a success a colourimetry assessment will be conducted to produce a precision colour tint specific to your child.

  • Myopia Management Clinic

    A special clinic to assess children at risk of developing myopia and offering strategies to slow the progression of a child's myopia. We have a variety of tests and therapies to slow myopia progression

  • Scleral Contact Lens Clinic

    A clinic dedicated to the fitting of scleral contact lenses. Scleral lenses can be useful in severe dry eye and in complex corneas caused by conditions such as keratoconus, pellucid marginal degenration etc

  • Hybrid Contact Lens Clinic

    A clinic dedication to the fitting of hybrid contact lenses combining the comfort benefits of soft contact lenses with the visual clarity of rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Hybrid contact lenses are useful for a variety of reasons including comfort issues with RGP lenses, complex prescription, failure of soft contact lenses and in complex corneas e.g. keratoconus

  • Multifocal Contact Lens Clinic

    Are you over 40 and finding things difficult to read? Our multifocal contact lens clinic will allow you to see clearly at distance and when reading. Whether you are an existing contact lenses wearer, a spectacle wearer or have never had an eye test we have a contact lens that will get you seeing clearly again.

  • Custom-made Soft Contact Lens Clinic

    Have you been told you cannot wear contact lenses? Do you have a complex prescription and cant find lenses that fit well and comfortably? Our custom-made soft contact lens clinic allows us to create a bespoke contact lens that will fit like a glove. Lenses that will deliver clear vision and comfort all day.

  • Macular Degeneration Clinic

    A clinic dedicated to screening those at risk of developing macular degeneration. A combination of lifestyle risk analysis, ultra-high-definition true colour retinal photography, fundus autofluorescence, macular pigment density analysis and optical coherence tomography will allow us to establish your risk and put together a customised plan

  • Glaucoma Screening Clinic

    A clinic dedicated to screening and monitoring those deemed at risk of developing glaucoma. Combined use of industry leading glaucoma risk analysis software and our diagnostic equipment mean we are able to many years before diagnosis during routine eye examinaitons

  • Punctal Plug Clinic

    If you suffer from aqueous deficient dry eye you may benefit from punctal plugs. We offer semi-permanent and intracanalicular punctal plugs

  • BlephEx Clinic

    If you have had blepharitis for a while despite treatment our BlephEx treatment may be of interest. BlephEx treatent involves a deep cleaning of the eyelids and eyelashes to help rid you of blepharitis.

  • IPL Clinic

    If you suffer from dry eye, blepharitis or meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) IPL treatment may be the answer for you. A series of IPL treatments coupled with meibomian gland expression can help improve your symptoms of dry eye.

  • Bespoke spectacle frame design

    Do you struggle to find frames that fit? Do you struggle to find a style you like? We can design and custom-make your spectacle frame to ensure the perfect fit and perfect look



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