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Mask Mee – Face Mask Protection Health

20 Crown Street

Mask Mee is a socially responsible, yet stylish way to help avoid the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory spread viruses. Mask Mee has a double layer and is fitted to your face shape, therefore giving you both protection and comfort. Medical masks or makeshift masks can be sore around the nose and ears, in particular. Mask Mee is designed with only material around these areas to avoid painful elastic with prolonged wear. The size of the mask itself has also been designed specifically for extra comfort. They have the capability to insert your own respiratory filters, for added safety. Plus with 17 designs to match your look,you’re sure to look fly as hell.

Mask Mee is one of the best non-surgical grade forms of protection from COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses. You can also insert your own chosen filter into the mask to increase its protection. As a responsible business, we would never completely guarantee Mask Mee will stop you contracting COVID-19, however, along with proper hygiene practices and social distancing you can be sure that Mask Mee is one of your best lines of defense.

Fake masks are made of poor and cheap quality fabrics without any compliance. You can test your mask by pouring water into, it should not leak. Also, when wearing a legitimate mask you should not be able to blow out a naked flame. Which is good, because you’ll look firrrre.


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