All Junk Removal: Helping You Get Your Waste Disposed of In London

There are several rubbish removal companies in London. However, All Junk removal is the only same-day rubbish removal company the works all year round.

That’s right: we work 7 days a week 365 days every year. Trust in us for prompt, professional and comprehensive services whether you have residential or commercial need.

Why trust in all junk removal?

We collect all manner of junk, ensuring you are free from clutter. We also have a keen focus on asbestos and other hazardous materials, furtherer enhancing your hygienic standards.

Our services

  • House clearance

We have never met a house clearance situation that was beyond our ability. Each cleaning task is performed thoroughly and on schedule. Any item that is in good condition (including foodstuffs) is donated instead of ending up in the landfill. We also recycle waste items as part of our commitment to sustainability.

  • Same day junk removal

All Junk removal was founded on the fact that there is too much junk laying around in London.  When you give us a ring, there is no procrastination the end of the day all your trash will be gone.

  • Garden clearance

Every Londoner desires a lush and well-manicured lawn or hedgerow, but where do the trimmings go? All junk removal is the answer. We have reliable and skilled teams that can deal with the junk on your lawn or garden. These teams can also deal with overgrown foliage giving your garden a much-needed fresh start.

  • Builders waste clearance

Renovations and construction works leave a lot of debris laying around. Such junk may be a source of grief for property owners, contractors or interior designers. Grieve no more. All Junk removal is here to help. We offer rapid and accountable building clearance services.

  • Office clearance

When you renovate or relocate, your office space there is often a lot of junk in the form of outdated equipment and other commercial wastes. Our teams are at the ready to deal with such nuisances. We don’t just pile it on the landfill but recycle, reduce and reuse what is salvageable.

  • Junk removal

We all have those items that were once hot but not so much that we throw them in a pile somewhere. Please don’t be mistaken for a hoarder; give us a ring so we can help you sort such items out. What’s more, we will recycle them or give them out to charity.

Contact us now

You can reach out to All Junk Removal any time and any day of the week. Our flexible prices start at just £ 25 additional charges are dependent on the volume. Call us now on 020 8099 8511 for your free and no-obligation quote.



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