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The Sicilian Way

The Sicilian Way


Product Description

Welcome to The Sicilian Way. We’re offering only the best products from Olive oil to Cheese to Salamis all from Sicily. After all, our motto is “All about the taste”

We want to bring not only good quality products to the UK, we want to bring the BEST quality products from Sicily to the UK. We offer Olive oil from their first press to Olives, Salami’s and much more, we guarantee you’ll be coming back for more.

​Handpicked, taste-tested products to make sure they are second to none. We quality control our Olive Oil to make sure it is true authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We want to make sure we are sourcing and offering only the best and that is why we carry out extra checks for our customer’s peace of mind.

​We want to give you the true Sicilian experience.

Our culture of food is like a gospel in the Bible. The people who make and produce these products are so passionate about what they do, they expect nothing but the best. Here at The Sicilian Way, we want to share our culture and passion with you and only give you the best products which we hope you will ABSOLUTELY love.

​From the city of Sciacca to the Olive Grove region of Castelvetrano where the famous and protected Nocellara Del Belice Olives come from, to the Volcanic Region of Mount Etna. There is just so much to offer from this amazing island that we just had to share it with you.