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Talks Ventures Limited

Talks Ventures Limited


Product Description

Talks Ventures Ltd is a foremost catering and event planning company offering over 20 years of culinary services to individuals, private and public organizations in the UK. We are working to expand our services in Togo, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and the USA.


We pride ourselves on an exceptional team of seasoned chefs who are dedicated and skilled in the art of cooking. We offer other professional services such as catering training, job recruitment for agencies, hospitality consultancy, skill acquisition foundation to teens.


We have worked for renowned celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Lennox Lewis, U.K. Ross Kemp, Ainsley Harriot, Snoop Dogg group, etc.


We are equipped to handle catering services such as;


* Catering Services for Birthday Parties

* Wedding Catering Services

* Company Catering Services

* Cocktails Party Catering Services

* Graduation Ceremony Service Catering

* Anniversary Party Service Catering




Talk Ventures knows that partnering with leading organizations that share our goal will drive our brand globally, that’s why we have aligned with Spectra Industries to focus on lifelong learning.”Boram Oil Limited, Dufil Industries Limited, Teens Can Cook Foundation, Healthy Yummy Food Blog.


Our chefs are working effortlessly in introducing new nutritious and exciting recipes to our client’s delight.


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