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Starling Furnishings

Starling Furnishings


Product Description

We’re a little family business, based just off the A120 near Colchester, selling beautiful furniture at reasonable prices. Our stock ranges from vintage to modern and perfect condition to upcycling projects.

We believe furniture can have a second, third or even forth life and that no item should be thrown away if it still has use left in it. Buying secondhand means you can get variety, lower your footprint and save a little money, and what couldn’t be better about that?

Practical wise, if you have fallen in love with an item that won’t just fit in your car, we offer a local delivery service for a small extra fee and if you are from further afield, we can also ship all our furniture nationwide through our helpful couriers, just ask us for a quote.

We also offer a free house/furniture clearance service

Our aim at Starling Furnishings is to stop beautiful, usable items from going into landfill. We see all to often lovely items of furniture or boxes of books in skips or taken to the tip as the person who has them just doesn’t know what to do with them, is overwhelmed by the task, thinks a clearance will cost too much or doesn’t have the time to hold on, waiting for them to sell. And this is where we can come in.

We can take any items from old furniture to books, crockery to garden items and can collect just one piece up to a house full. We don’t charge as we can make our money from the items and can also supply our own boxes and packing helpers so you don’t need to worry about sorting it all out.