Retail Report

Retail Report


Product Description

Retail Report is a shopping centre management and retail analytics software that enables you to manage all your retail assets in one secure, web-based system. Consolidate all your data streams and communications from a single asset or an entire portfolio in one easy to use dashboard. The software monitors, analyses, alerts and reports, on virtually every facet of your retail estate. Data metrics include footfall, car park, sales figures, Wi-Fi usage and more. Boost productivity, eliminate needless admin, and gain valuable insights with automated processes and powerful data analytics. Automate reporting and optimise performance across your entire retail estate.

Retail Report offers a huge number of ways to collect sales performance data from your retailers automatically. Management and operation features include document management, calendar management, crisis management, utilities management and more. At a glance, you can deeply understand the performance and ROI of your marketing efforts.

You can manage the largest of portfolios, including mixed asset types like shopping centres, managed buildings, co-working spaces, smart buildings, hotels and restaurants. The system fully integrates with critical building systems such as BMS, access control, CCTV, fire alarms and more. Being able to monitor, manage, collect and analyse your data, puts your portfolio on speed, giving all stakeholders eyes on the ground in real time.

Your marketing team benefit from having all your marketing platforms in one place. Retail Report transforms the way retail landlords, on- site management teams, retailers, property management companies and marketers’ work. Perfect for teams on the move, it can be used on any device, anywhere in the world via a web browser. Book a demo today to revolutionise your retail assets’ performance.