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Metro Communications

Metro Communications


Product Description

See IT.

It’s all about adding value to your business – the rest is just technology.
The powerful, easy-to-use, solutions we deliver helps creators to create and fixers to fix.

Our focus is on adding value to your business. We’re not here to push tech, we’re here to help your business benefit from using tech.
We focus on Immersive Reality solutions that helps organisations to do things faster, to cut costs and to transform the way they work and engage with the world.
Our solutions are focused into 2 areas: Mixed Reality using the Microsoft Hololens holographic device and Assisted Reality using the RealWear Headsets.

Our Mixed reality solutions includes Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Dynamics 365 . Solutions that helps business solve problems in real time and manage through the many unforseen challenges that occur e.g. experts not being a work when something goes wrong or trying to support a customer in a pandemic.
These solutions seamlessly work with the rest of the Dynamics plaform including Dynamics 365 Guides and Field Service.
We can also help you with more traditional services such as setting up your Office 365 tenant, creating sharepoint pages and automating processes through Microsoft’s Power Automate and related products.

Our Assisted Reality solutions centre on RealWear and their Navigator 500, HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 products. Proven reliable and easy to use tools that transform the working lives for frontline works who need to work “hands-free”. The Navigator 500 is of specific interest as it is integrated with your Microsoft Tenant through Microsoft Intune.
Metro can help you get started on your digital transformation and increase your capabilities at a pace and scale that suits you. With Hololens 2 being part of the Microsoft family and the RealWear Navigator 500 being tightly integrated with your tenant the options are immense.

Metro customers include industrials, manufacturing and construction firms globally. We are also engaged with Medical Professionals and others who need to work “hands-free”.