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GoodCore Software Ltd

GoodCore Software Ltd


Product Description

GoodCore has been developing high-tech bespoke software solutions since 2005 for clients spread across multiple continents. This includes web applications, mobile apps, and desktop applications. Having served clients like Telecom Malaysia, Roche, Securities Commission, Winchester University, SWIFT, large utility companies, and Government bodies, we know what it takes to deliver robust and secure custom software.

We nurture extraordinary talent, a passion for experimentation, top-notch academic and technical credentials.


We combine proven software development methodologies and a deep understanding of business processes to provide high-quality services that range from commercial-grade product design & development, custom application development, QA & testing services to consultancy in software architecture and technical design. These services are complemented by after-sales support and maintenance.

The company works extensively with consulting companies and businesses in the U.S., Europe, and Far East Asia, and has the technical and management expertise to execute sophisticated IT projects. Most of the projects we undertake entail a fair amount of business analysis effort in addition software engineering and development activities.


  1. SWIFT
  2. Ministry of Tourism
  3. Securities Commission of Malaysia
  4. Electric Utility Company
  5. MYNIC
  7. Local Council
  8. Post Office Malaysia
  9. In-house Relocation Gmbh
  10. Pharmaceutical Company
  11. Winchester University


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