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What is SeekaHost?

SeekaHost is a London based web hosting company that offers a variety of services and solutions relating to web hosting throughout the UK and internationally. Clients are offered various web hosting packages that suit their needs such as WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting, SEO Hosting, Business Hosting etc. The company provides web hosting to individuals, start-ups and established businesses and helps clients create an online presence with a website that is hosted with premium servers providing high levels of security, loading speeds, latency and flexibility.

It also specialises in web hosting solutions and offers its own unique web hosting control panel, SeekaPanel, to customers besides web hosting with cPanel or Plesk. It is currently included in the WordPress Hosting and PBN Hosting plans. Additionally, SeekaHost provides many educational resources for clients to learn how to create and manage a virtual property or a whole network of blogs via the eLearning platform SeekaHost University and the knowledgebase inside the SeekaPanel.

Why pick SeekaHost as your hosting provider?

SeekaHost provides web hosting services with a dedicated and well-trained professional customer service team that is available via the live chat and ticket support system to ensure clients can always count on support when needed. Our reviews on SeekaHost’s Trustpilot profile reflect the strength of its customer care, which goes beyond problem-solving, enabling clients to learn more about their web hosting and technical specifications. Because SeekaHost wants to help anyone build and manage a five-star website that delivers.

No matter whether customers are registering a new website or it is a migration transfer, the professional team will deal with any queries fast and effectively. The company uses the latest tools and their expertise to optimize and manage customer’s online presence and with the SeekaPanel it is as easy and fast as never before.

What makes SeekaHost different?

An online presence is better served by a reliable web hosting company. Customers benefit from the team of experts who handle everything and guarantee a smooth and effective web hosting experience. SeekaHost has a robust network of servers stationed at premium data centres worldwide. The company is highly selective in choosing network partners and has a rigorous selection process that ensures all data centres are in full compliance with the highest standards in the web hosting industry.

The company is committed to maintaining a functional network that enables customers to choose where they want their site to be hosted. SeekaHost integrates products well and manages domain name registration, hosting, and email hosting to offer comprehensive services.

To get a stable search engine ranking, a powerful PBN can give websites more authority and boost them. SeekaHost started as a vessel to help manage large network domains before it evolved into SaaS that offers SEO consulting.  The company now boasts of super-fast technology with cutting edge solutions that can deploy PBNs worldwide in seconds with the SeekaPanel and PBN Hosting.

The company understands analytics, algorithms, and mechanisms of action that increase organic traffic to a website. The superior technology the company uses to build and maintain web hosting services sets it above other hosting service providers. SeekaHost understands the needs of the SEO industry and brings technological innovations on board with the SeekaPanel to help customers integrate analytics tools into their web hosting control panel. The company covers all hosting needs with a software that is built to serve the customers’ requirements and purpose with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

SeekaHost also offers SeekaHost Game Server Hosting for Minecraft with a premium hosting control panel enabling customers to manage and host their Minecraft servers easily and quickly at very affordable prices.

SeekaHost’s advanced technology provides you with a solid web hosting experience and will make sure to meet all customer’s needs at competitive prices and with highly rated customer support.





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