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Ginger Witch in Northumberland


Flame-haired Witch burning brightly with light & dark magic, working with elements & elementals, dark goddesses & wild woman instincts deep in Northumberland, inviting you to journey with me through the simplicities and depths of the old ways, and the ancient, natural and mystical landscapes I roam through in this most enchanting of pagan paths through life.

You will find many treasures in my ritual shop where everything is one of a kind and based on what my muse whispers to me at the time of creation.

As with all things that emerge from the Ginger Witch Cauldron, this Cat Pink Metallic Art has been smudged and cleansed with an incense and smudging blend created in the cauldron its-self, to imbue it with positivity, peace and a sense of stillness. Every creation from Ginger Witchcrafting sits in this calm ritual space until the very last wisps of smudging magic have passed.

The piece is A4 in size and a frame is NOT included.

UK delivery is included in the price. International deliveries have a small additional fee which reflect the actual cost of posting and nothing more.

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Stay Wild
Darkest Ginger Blessings
Ginger Witch


I put a lot of my experience and knowledge into practice to bring you magically and ritually charged items in my Ritual Shop, and in my Etsy Store, which stocks identical items. It is better for me if you purchase from my Ritual Shop as it helps me brand and will eventually allow me to sell less on an outside platform.