is a financial reporting and consolidation accounting software platform. The platform is for Finance teams in multi-entity businesses, which use Xero and QuickBooks as their core accounting software. The platform solves several pain points faced by these teams. Using the platform, teams can effortlessly consolidate multiple entities with speed, flexibility, and accuracy across various currencies. The platform incorporates an intercompany management tool that allows teams to post and manage intercompany transactions, recharges, transfer pricing, and loan arrangements centrally. The tool also enables the smooth matching of intercompany transactions between entities to ensure intercompany balances are reconciled. The platform also incorporates a balance sheet reconciliation tool to enable smooth monthly balance sheet reconciliations across balance sheet accounts such as accruals, prepayments, and deferred income. Key Features: Consolidated reporting Key financial reports Business KPI reports Multi-currency Flexible report periods Group Financial Control & Reporting Automate complex balance sheet reconciliations Download & Share reports Intercompany management tool Intercompany reconciliation tool Intercompany transaction tool Intercompany matching tool Recurring Journals Balance sheet journals Consolidation journals Deferred revenue, accruals, prepayments Integrations: can seamlessly integrate with Xero and QuickBooks—Synchronise data across legal entities and accounting platforms for single consolidated financial records. + Quickbooks Consolidation Reporting: QuickBooks combines reports from multiple companies + Xero Consolidation Reporting: Xero combines reports from Multiple Companies Pricing: Single Group: £150 (GBP) /month (annual) or £175 (GBP) /month (monthly). Unlimited Groups: £350(GBP) /month (annual) or £400(GBP) /month (monthly). All available versions of Gather Nexus offer the same range of features. The price varies according to the number of companies required. Additionally, Gather Nexus provides a free trial option for users to test its features before committing to a purchase.