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Kafton UK Cable Ties is a company established in the UK that sells high-quality cable ties, fuses, heat shrink tubing, wire connectors, Cable tie tensioning tools, battery terminals, and adhesives. As a specialist provider, products of Kafton UK Cable Ties are known for their quality assurance, affordable pricing, and a wide range.   Kafton UK Cable Ties - the leading cable ties suppliers in UK offers Color cable ties, Stainless steel cable ties, Releasable cable ties, Standard cable ties, Push mount cable ties, Screw Mount cable ties, Double Button Cable ties, Marker cable ties, UV and Heat Resistant cable ties, Fluorescent cable ties, Cable Tie Fixings, and Cable Tie Tensioning Tools. Cable ties are available in four different sizes: small, medium, heavy, and extremely heavy. They are also available in a variety of colours.   If you are interested in buying cable ties for sale in UK, contact Kafton UK Cable Ties today.   Kafton UK Cable Ties offers Standard Mini Blade Fuses, Standard Blade Fuses, Micro Blade Fuses, Pal Fuses, Maxi Blade Fuses, Domestic Fuses, Glass Fuses, Continental Fuses, Mega Fusers, Strip Fuses, Midi Fusers, JCASE type and Fuse holders and pullers.   Kafton UK Cable Ties provides you with a variety of heat shrink terminals, Pre-insulated crimp terminals, crimping tools, cord end terminals, copper tube terminals, open end terminals, connection strips, and other electric terminals are also available in retail or bulk quantity.   Non-Adhesive PVC Tape, Gaffer / Duct Tape, Masking Tape (General Purpose), Aluminum Foil Tape, Anti Slip Tape, PTFE Repair Tape, Parcel Tape, Hazard Warning Tape, Barrier Tape, Double Sided Foam Tape, Fleece Adhesive Tape, Silicon Tape, and High Voltage Rubber Tape are all available at Kafton UK Cable Ties.   Rachet Terminals Crimping Tools, Cable Tie Tensioning Tools, Cord End Terminals Crimper, Rachet Heat Shrink Crimper, Copper Tube Terminals Crimper, Cable Cutter, and Unit Stripper/Auto Cable Stripper are all available at Kafton UK Cable Ties.   All products of Kafton UK Cable Ties meet UL, DIN, UKAS, BSI, and RoHS compliance in an ongoing attempt to expand their product portfolio and services. Currently, Kafton UK Cable Ties is the top cable ties online selling company in UK that ships to the majority of UK mainland postal codes.