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Complygate is  the best online HR Software with Tier 2 Sponsor Compliance checks based in Birmingham, UK. We offer end-to-end HR Software 'Hire to Retire.' Our compliance centre offers real-time pre-employment screening. We also ID Verification, Identity verification, Document verification, Right to work app, Tier 2 sponsor compliance software, Adverse credit checks, DVLA Checks, DBS Checks and AML, PEPs & Sanctions screening and much more. Our solution is coupled with AI & machine learning.



HR Management SOFTWARE

  • HR Software - small team

    1-25 EMPLOYEES

  • HR Software - medium team

    26-75 EMPLOYEES

  • HR Software - large team

    76-150 EMPLOYEES

  • HR Software - enterprise

    +150 EMPLOYEES

Compliance Centre - Pre-employment screening

  • Basic DBS check

    Apply for a basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check with Complygate to get a copy of your criminal record.

  • Standard DBS Check

    A standard Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is an in-depth background check primarily used for employment vetting by employers on behalf of applicants to verify if a candidate is suitable to hire for work in a specific industry.

  • Enhanced DBS Checks

    An Enhanced Disclosure check details all criminal history: cautions, warnings, reprimands, spent and unspent convictions held on the Police National Computer (PNC), with the exception of the DBS filtering rule.

  • Right to work check

    Out right to work app is easy to use and starts by asking simple questions about the employee, and then the mobile/tablet device can be used to scan the document presented to prove their right to work in the UK.

  • DVLA Checks

    DVLA licence check is a type of driver check provided by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) via an electronic service called Access to Driver Data (ADD). Our driver licence checking service involves checking an applicant’s driving licence information in real time, as held by the DVLA.

  • Adverse credit check

    Adverse Credit Check or Financial Background Screening is a type of a pre-employment screening check (employment vetting) that employers can carry out on prospective or current employees for sensitive positions and particularly those handling money and funds.

  • Identity Check

    The purpose of verifying an applicant’s identity is to relate the applicant to the information they have provided about themselves by determining that the identity is genuine and relates to a real person or not, and establishing that the individual is who he/she say he is.

  • AML PEPs & Sanction check

    It is important for any business to Know Your Customer (KYC) in the fight to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and financial crime. Our PEPs and Sanction checks will increase efficiency, protect your business against the threat of non-compliance and mitigate the risk of any penalty or prosecution.



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