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Business Advisor

Business Advisor


What Is A Business Advisor

Business advisors offer support and advice through each and every aspect of a business — from analyzing the business plan, refining the strategy, identifying risks and through all phases of the business:

  • Research and development
  • Design and planning
  • Implementation
  • Operations, support, and maintenance
  • Enhancement

The goal is always to maximize profitability and manage risk.

Traditionally, advisors fell into the “professional” classifications — accountants, lawyers, technology and other specializations where a subject matter expert (SME) was needed.

Today’s business advisors cover so much more, simply because the business landscape has changed so much, largely due to the Internet and the advancement of technology.

Why You Need A Business Advisor

Today’s economy is more uncertain and volatile than ever and businesses need as much advice as they can get.

There is an increasing need for more comprehensive advice, not just for specialist areas, but more in terms of “interconnectivity” and to make sure that each business function is as lean and dynamic as possible, but without compromising service quality and maintaining margins.

But one of the most important reasons for a business advisor is to bridge the gap between the business owner(s) and the market — it is good to have another set of eyes and bring in some fresh and impartial thinking to any business.

How To Identify A Good Business Advisor

A good business advisor will be able to instantly connect with you and understand your business, its needs and most importantly the problems and challenges you are likely to face.

Notice I use the word “likely!”

A vital component of every advisor and at least in my opinion, it to be able to work pro-actively and predictively.

It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with a lawyer or a general business coach — they must be able to not only deal with the issues and problems today but also to anticipate and prepare for the future.

And most importantly, they will be accessible — problems in business have no respect for time!

In today’s high-tech world, there are many ways to get hold of someone –both time and location are no longer barriers.

It goes without saying that any advisor must be able to demonstrate expertise and experience in their chosen fields and that means if you are looking for a business expert, they must have had experience in running a business!

How I Can Help You

Neil-J-C-FranklinHaving been in business for over 35 years, survived three recessions and experienced the good, bad and ugly sides of the business world, there is probably not any problem in business that I have not faced.
I am totally self-made and started my global business from a living room in my apartment in South London and grew it to over $60m within ten years, so I know how to rapidly grow a business, plus all of the problems and challenges that come with rapid growth.

I also have diversified into other sectors and have extensive experience in running both traditional and online businesses and operating in different countries.

I also understand the emotional challenges of running a company and how to develop the correct mindset for success.

But most importantly, if you choose to work with me, I am also accessible 24/7, by phone and online because I know the importance of being able to talk to someone and not wait for an email response or the next weekly coaching call.

I also bring with me my own network of experts who support me in specialist functions including selling a business and also business rescue and turnaround for when things go wrong.

Working Online

Working online is an essential component of almost every business function today and advisors, coaches and consultants are no exception.

There are so many options available and for me, it is again about accessibility.

I provide information online and am also accessible by phone, email or video calls when a client chooses to work with me and also for face-to-face meetings as there will be occasions where you need to meet in person.

But it all centers around your own business and personal needs and this is where you can pick and choose whatever option appeals to you.

“Online” is a way of life now and it simply has to be embraced.


People always talk about the “cost” of something and of course, hiring any type of advisor or business service needs to accounted for.

But I look at things differently — there should be no cost at all for the right type of product and/or service as they will repay themselves many times over.

Think in terms of value rather than the cost — even in longer-term investments.

When it comes to business advisors, coaches and consultants, you should see a clear value.

Let me explain how I look at each assignment:

If I cannot add value, then I would not want the assignment no matter what the reward is — I have turned down many deals in my business career because I know that I could not add the value required and the damage to my business and personal reputation would be far more than the reward I received.

My own personal mentor taught me this many years ago and he explained that it is far more important to conduct yourself with honesty, integrity, and transparency than to simply chase a fee.

It works both ways — at least with the right business advisors.

If you want to hear how I could advise and transform your business, then simply contact me and we will arrange a free initial consultation.

I don’t have set time frames for these such as a one-hour call as it takes the time it takes — as for costs then dependent on the nature of the work.

Neil Franklin

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