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Registered Nurse in Bushey

Registered Nurse in Bushey


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Welcome to your local London Micro Clinic brought to you by Medicines Online. I am the Micro Clinic. It is not a place, it is me, Alina


  • This is a page where you can come and see my individual availability at wd23 and what services I can offer to my local Community.
  • Please make an appointment for me to come to your Home or Office, or you can come to me at wd23 and stay in the car for testing.
  • I provide a range of Nursing Services the main ones are listed here on my page. You may also contact Medicines Online and request additional services. My genuine wish is to serve my local friends and neighbors. That is why I have studied and worked hard for years. It makes me happy to help others.

When you need me, I’ll do my best to be there for you.