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Machine Mind Ltd

Machine Mind Ltd


Product Description

Machine Mind Ltd is a software development and consulting company that
provides a variety of IT services and products. Our headquarter is
located in the United Kingdom / Rugby.
We love to work with the best experts all around Europe.

We specialize in comprehensive Data Integration, Data analytics, Data
Quality Assessment, Customer Relationship , Billing systems, Anti
money laundering (AML) , Due-diligence (including KYC) and Fraud
detection systems.
Our products use modern and effective technologies for huge amounts of
data volumes like Big Data, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning.

We offer our products in Software As a Service model thanks to our
HyperFlow Platform and expert technical consulting services –
including R&D projects.

We also provide SEO and SEM consultancy services that use our
proprietary tools and analytical methods to identify the most
promising phrases in Google Search Console.
If you need consultations in the field of SEO and Google Search
Console, please visit our website
We invite you to cooperate.