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Ali Builders & Developers – Real Estate Builders & Developers.

Ali Builders & Developers – Real Estate Builders & Developers.


Product Description

Ali Builders & Developers established in 1995, global property developers with societal commitment. We are one of the top real estate builders and developers in Karachi, Pakistan. Moreover, currently regarded as the top construction company of Pakistan, laying foundations with modern strategic planning. We are sharpening our strategies to be one of Pakistan’s most valuable, most innovative, and most admired real estate developers. Our goal is to be one of the best real estate company that creates enormous value for our shareholders, stakeholders, and the economy.

You can also find the best real estate agents of Karachi at Ali Builders & Developers providing you consultation regarding safe future investment.

Ali Builders & Developers are now offering an online sell/purchase portal. Where you can get in touch with other potential clients of Ali Builders and indulge in the process of sale purchase without any hassle. This portal is personally developed for property dealing of Ali Builders projects and make sell/purchase convenient for Ali Builders customers.

Ali Builders & Developers contributes a major role in the sector of real estate in Karachi, Pakistan. Moreover, Ali builders is pioneering the concept of master-planned communities that integrate residential amenities with schools, healthcare, shopping malls, hotels, dining, and entertainment, to bring a world-class lifestyle to the country. Ali Builders & Developers introduces you to Al-Qaim Housing the best & most exceptional surroundings in the most economical pricing. Al-Qaim Housing consists of exceptional contemporary style commercial and residential projects, ideally located in the most splendid location of M9 Motorway Karachi.

However, we focus to provide you economical investment solutions and housing opportunities all over Pakistan, but currently, we aim to serve you in Karachi, Islamabad & Gwadar.