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Student Helpr – helping international students to settle in the Netherlands Business, Education

Langegracht 70, 2312 NV Leiden, Netherlands

Student-Helpr is a student-focused info-platform, driven by the community spirit, which aims in assisting students in almost every aspect of their student life.
There are certain reasons why Student-Helpr is so unique in its nature. One of the reasons is our ‘one-stop-shop’ concept will allow students to have access to a wide range of services in one platform and at a distance of a call.
Second, is the way we provide our service. We have developed specific bundles of services which we offer to students. In this regards, we developed specific bundles of services which will make their move to The Netherlands as easy as possible.
Another reason why Student-Helpr is unique in its nature, it’s because we meet our (get in contact with) students before they arrive in The Netherlands. Basically, our customer acquisition channel is developed in the external market. Therefore, we establish a reliable relationship with the students way before their journey begins.

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