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Intercare: leading nursing care home providers in UK Health, Home, Lifestyle, Recreation

Office 60, 3rd Floor, 1 Mann Island Liverpool

Intercare is an expert Nursing and Care Home network in the UK, managing and operating care
homes from England to Wales. We ensure that all our homes meet the high standards of
hygiene, efficiency and professionalism while maintaining healthy personal relationships with all
our residents and their families.

Intercare consists of the best medical professionals in the country from doctors to nursing staff.
Our team is headed by Dr Sohail Qureshi, who has over a decades experience in the NHS as
well as the private sector. When it comes to recruiting staff, we prioritise those with experience
in the care home sector paired with exceptional attitudes.

We believe that employing well-trained and trustworthy staff is the key to building safe and
reliable care homes. With thebest professionals in the industry, we are able to offer tailor-made
services to all our customers.What’s more, Intercare, proving itself of the pioneering care home companies in UK
has implemented innovative systems to make sure our we function smoothly when it comes to crisis
management and other issues faced in nursing homes .

With state-of-the-art technology and constantly updated knowledge in the industry
we ensure our nursing homes and staff are able to provide the best up-to-date service to our residents.
With 24/7 availability, daily care from experts and balance care, we give our residents and their families
a peace of mind that they are receiving the best care possible.

At Intercare, we believe in the power stories carry. We know the comfort of being listened to and
we understand the importance of learning the history of each and every one of our patients. We
share our stories and build unique connections with our residents to make them feel at home.
We not only provide medical care, but we nurture our residents with trust and compassion. At
our care homes, they are supported while securing a sense of independence among them and
most importantly celebrated. This is why we are confident that Intercare is one of the best care
homes in UK . Call us today.

Dementia is an umbrella term for many conditions and diseases related to a decline in memory,
thinking skills such as problem-solving, language and the ability to perform daily activities. The
most common cause of Dementia is known to be Alzheimer’s. A loved one being diagnosed with
Alzheimer’s can be disheartening and extremely worrisome. Taking care of them is a hard task
and most of us struggle with the thought of care homes. Although it is a tough decision, the right
care homes for dementia patients can help the recovery process and make life easier for the
patient and their families.

Intercare is one of the best care homes in UK with a network spanning across England to Wales
with a specialised unit for dementia patients. We have created an approach that is 100%
patient-centric to make sure our residents are feeling safe at all times. We have implemented
the Absolute Risk Assessment and Strategy Planning (ARASP) process to ensure that our care
homes comply with all the required regulations apt for c are homes for people with dementia .
At Intercare, our facilities are designed especially for dementia patients. We have equipped our
care homes with specialised and advanced machines, tools and services. This includes adult
lifting apparatus, special services for those with learning disabilities and those in need of
rehabilitation and other various mental disabilities. At Intercre, we create a safe and enjoyable
environment for each and every one of our patients making it one of the best dementia care
homes in UK.

We take the hygiene and comfort of our care homes very seriously. We believe this determines
the ambience of our facilities. Our homes are equipped with modern carpet flooring and
antibacterial laminate. What’s more, we have a team of dedicated GP practitioners available
24/7 and in-house pharmacies to ensure that all our patients are safe at all times. Our facilities
are designed to provide the maximum comfort making Intercare one of the best care homes for
mental health residentials.

Intercare has over 30 years of experience in treating and taking care of dementia patients. For
us, the quality of life of our residents is extremely important we are determined to improve our
standards as we go. We have a team of decision-makers to medical staff and other employees
dedicated to making your experience at Intercare a memorable one. With have pledged to take
care of our elderly residents with empathy, compassion and utmost patience. Our goal is to
make sure that each and every dementia sufferer who walks through our doors to live longer
and lead healthier lives with access to the best medical care at their reach. We are confident
that our ethics and our expertise undoubtedly makes for one of the best dementia care homes in

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our dementia care homes and what would work
best for you.



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